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Trilogy Plastics is an internationally recognized rotational molder specializing in custom rotational molding & high appearance, tight tolerance rotational molded parts and assemblies. With one of the most modern rotomolding plants in the industry, Trilogy Plastics consistently exceeds 99% on-time delivery performance.

Our expertise is in customer satisfaction. Trilogy Plastics goes beyond rotational molding by working closely with our customers, from design to final product, to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for... quality rotomolded parts.

Our website is designed to inform you about Trilogy Plastics' rotational molding and give you a good feel for what we do... and our strength in how we do it.

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Rotational Molding :: Rotomolding

Rotational Molding (often called rotomolding) is a process of making hollow plastic parts by rotating melted plastics along 2 axes inside a hot mold.  The hot mold is cooled while it continues rotating to create an even coating of plastic along the inside of the mold walls.

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